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Welcome to Latitude 37 Wines.  Started in 2005 we have completed our seventeenth vintage in 2022. Latitude 37 Wines is passionate about selecting and maturing quality, fruit driven wines. Our early vintages were focused on the Heathcote region and added to the reputation Andrew Thomson (winemaker / creator) made over 15 years as winemaker at Hanging Rock and forging Heathcote as Australia's leading shiraz region. Wines such as Hanging Rock Heathcote were among the first to highlight the region's inherent suitability to world class fruit driven shiraz's. Latitude 37 range of classic and sparkling shiraz's have continued this tradition and they are destined to become known as some of the country's finest.  Our fifth vintage in 2010 saw the arrival of two new varieties, the Mornington Peninsula Pinot Grigio and the Heathcote Petit Verdot. Passion and expertise has resulted in an exciting and quality range of wines which we hope gives you as much joy as it does to us.
    • Heathcote Shiraz 2020 - Now Released
    • Heathcote Petit Verdot - SOLD OUT 
    • Heathcote Sparkling Shiraz 2022 - Pending Release   
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Latitude 37 Pty Ltd ACN 128726643
Phone: 0404 880872, Email: sales@latitude37.com.au

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